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It is my birthday!  Best day of the year, when I can say its my day!!!!  My mom told me a fun fact about today…today is Thursday and I was born on a thursday so I think that makes this day extra special 🙂

I feel really good about my birthday this year.  First of all, I’m weird and I like the fact that it is a even age for me.  I don’t really have any back up for feeling that way, I just do…deal!!!! ha

Anyway since my birthday is on a thursday nothing too exciting will be happening…I do have to work and all so I’m going to spread out my birthday celebrating into the weekend as well, like friday, saturday and sunday kind of spread ha

What I think is great to share today on my birthday is the foodie pen pal exchange that I started participating in last month.  Reading through my morning ‘newspaper’/blogs, I stumbled across a new to me foodie pen pal exchange.  For more information on the details and how you can join up in it too, check out this link.

Foodie Pen Pal

I think it is an awesome idea!  I jumped at the chance to be a part of it.  I had a wonderful time shopping for the person I was paired with.  They actually ate like me so it was fun to share with them the gems I have found in this city as foods I enjoy and think they are exclusive to my city.

Here is the wonderful e-mail I received from my pen pal in response to the box I sent her.

“Everything was absolutely delicious. Your homemade cocoroons were so light and melty and yummy. I just purchased my own dehydrator, so I’m looking forward to making my own macaroons! All of the other foods were delightful as well – the suncake, chocolate kale chips, and flax crackers (both of which I’ll be trying with my dehydrator). The only thing that didn’t make it in the mail was the Purity Bread: it was covered in mold.  😦 But thank you for alerting me to Julian Bakery! I plan on ordering a loaf of Purity Bread on my own in the near future, because it smelled really good and the ingredients looked great too.
So, anyways, thank you for the thoughtful and tasty package! Whomever receives a box from you in future Foodie PenPal months sure is lucky :)” Emily Polster

***Definitely learned about what products may or may not make it depending on how it is packaged.  Sorry again about the bread.  I offered to send her another the proper way, but she was a sweetheart and understood the trial and error and loved the fact that I introduced her to the company, which is what this is all about anyway.

Enough about that and on to the wonderful package I got from my pen pal!!!!

This is the box of goodies I got!  I love that there were products I know and love (can’t ever have to many mary’s gone crackers!).  It was wonderful to see the cornbread mix.  Not that cornbread mix is exciting, but it meets the gluten free dietary restrictions I follow and have always eyed the product to buy but never looked at it and said yes I’m going to get you and eat you.  I’m glad it was given to me because deep down there has been the urge so now I can make the urge come true 🙂  The Good Natural Bar was a new product to me and the statistics looks awesome.  Plus I’m a sucker for peanut butter.  I really enjoyed the bar, it wasn’t chalky like some food bars with low sugar can be.  The quinoa was wonderful as well, I added some edamame for a protein touch!  The candied ginger I have not tried yet.  Honestly, I’ve never had it but I read a lot of bloggers who enjoy it.  I look forward to the special moment when I open the box and try my first piece!  Thank you Beth for your wonderful box you sent me!!!  I appreciate the time and care you took paying attention to my picky diet 🙂

Here is a peak at my Birthday Breakfast I made for myself 🙂  Super Yummy and Protein Packed!

Happy Birthday to me and all of the other May babies as well as gemini’s (you guys count too)!!!!!!!


What?!?!?  Yup I said it!  Pie for breakfast.  And not just a slice…the WHOLE pie!

I thought I would recap some of my breakfasts I have been preparing myself if I have the time before I get to my morning clients or workout.  If you have time in the morning, I guarantee these are worth the prep and cooking time to make them as pancakes, if not you can throw it all in a pie dish and bake it the night before.  Just take it out of the frig in the morning, add your toppings and enjoy.

The basic ingredients to them with slight variations:

either coconut flour or rolled oats


egg whites

baking powder


cacao or chocolate protein


2 protein pumpkin oat pancakes

Coconut Protein Pumpkin Breakfast Pie

Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Breakfast Pie

All of these pies are gluten free, dairy free, meat free, sugar free and low car (except the oat one will have more carbs in them).

I am a firm believer, as some of you might know, of the importance of breakfast.  It is important to fuel your body from the fast it has been under while sleeping, but more importantly it is important to fuel your body with healthy whole foods!  Food is your bodies medicine.  Give your body the proper nutrients and it will pay you back by giving you great energy and fuel to tackle your day.  I feast in my breakfast in order to fuel myself for the day ahead.  The other food I consume during the day is to just keep me going until bed.  Your day should not be little food in the morning with a huge dinner at night.

Why is it necessary to eat a lot at night?

-Either you didn’t fuel it properly during the day and now your body needs fuel to store since it thinks it will be starved again tomorrow


-you are eating out of gluttony

There really are no other reasons so stop eating so much for dinner!

Fuel properly right away and make sure you eat less and less as the day comes to a close!