First and foremost I find it difficult to talk about myself so bare with me as I try to come up with some interesting things to say 🙂


Lets see…we can basically begin with the fact that I used to be a large person my whole life.  Literally even coming out of the womb.  I always knew I was larger than my friends but always thought I wasn’t one that needed to lose 50 pounds…maybe 15 at the most.  I always thought I just carried a bunch of muscle weight.  Now I do know that I have higher levels of testosterone in me than the average female so I can put on muscle pretty quickly and larger in size as I have learned through my experimenting with weight training however, growing up that was definitely not large muscles in there…it was fat.  Yes say it with me I used to be fat.  I was fat until the age of I would say 24 because it was at the age of 22 when I decided enough was enough.  I tried an atkins diet once in high school but really who can be healthy off of eating cheese, meat, jello and redi whip.  To this day I still think it is one of the craziest diets out there.

People always ask me (after they find out I used to be fat-see I don’t even come right out with it to my clients) what made me decide to lose the weight.  Honestly the largest reason I can come up with is that I wanted to feel attractive and I wanted positive attention from males just like my roommate in college was getting.  She was the one all the guys wanted and I was looked at as the friend.  I never had anyone interested in me.  Guys loved being my friend but that was it.  I wanted more.  Through those years and feeling down about it I actually went the wrong way on the scale.  I gained some weight in college as most of us do and topped the scale at 198 and a size 16.  I always said if I saw it go over 200 I would kill myself.  I said that but didn’t mean it.  I would just have been extremely devastated.  At the age of 22 I decided to become a vegetarian.  Not because I think this is what everyone should do to start their weight loss journey with but because I knew I needed to to eliminate some of the foods I was eating.  Plus I don’t think I knew what a vegetable was besides french fried or a few carrots here and there (thanks dad).  I was into cheeseburgers, extra cheese pizza dipped in ranch, bread sticks, pasta, subs, taco bell, wendys, ice cream, candy bars, cheetos, mac and cheese, etc!  Man I loved carbs and sugar.  Making myself a vegetarian forced me to eat more vegetables.  I would try and run but would soon get discouraged because I couldn’t run very far.  I would run around the block and then reward myself with ice cream.  Ha how horrible is that.  I just didn’t know though.  After undergrad I went on to grad school.  There I learned more about working out with a couple of my classmates.  We would go into the gym and run on the treadmill and lift some weights.  Looking back now I still had no idea what I was doing.  I was going in there and trying which counts!  That year I also decided to run a 10 mile race with HILLS.  Preparing for this got me to do lots of cardio and the weight slowing was coming off more.  I was paying attention to calories but not what made up the calories.  Looking back at it I was still eating WAY too many carbs and fake processed crap!  After receiving my masters I set off on my journey to Los Angeles to pursue a career in post production sound editing.  I landed a job and started working my way up from the bottom.  It was a slow process and one that had to end.  I dread going into work each day because the world wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be.  I got more excited in going to the gym after work than actually going to work.  Living in the land of the sun and everyone being outside all the time, I wanted to look good being outside all the time.  There aren’t the cold months like in Michigan and New York to hibernate and hide behind clothing.  No, the world see you each and every day in Los Angeles.  This is when the weight started coming off quicker.  I feel in love with lifting weights.  Running I am still not a fan of but will do it because I know it has to be done. (I love partner running if anyone wants to join me!)  After awhile I decided that maybe I should transfer some of this positive energy more in my life.  Well my job at the sound studio came to an end and I decided to get certified to be a personal trainer.

I have been a certified personal trainer for the past three years and still love each and every day!  I love going to work, working with my clients.  I love the partnerships I create but most importantly I love helping other achieve their goals to live healthy long lives!

I have also had personal experience doing different diets which I will go into more depth in some of my blog posts.  To give you a summary though I have like I stated already been vegetarian, vegan, carb cycling being a vegetarian, vegan raw, carnivore, vegetarian gluten free, vegan gluten free and also just the plain ol’ listed to the body and learn what it needs.  Some of the diets I did because I wanted to and others I did so that I could have first hand experience with diets that my clients were asking me.

Phew I guess talking about myself came out a little easier than I thought.

Right now I weigh 135lbs and have a body fat percentage of 17% (thats what our hand held machine at the gym says, I’m looking to get it done with calipers or water submersion in the near future)

My blog will basically be my life with turning meals healthier, workouts, life with my new puppy (I got him for Christmas 2011-thanks mom and dad) and just living in Los Angeles!

I hope you all enjoy!

  1. elise says:

    thanks for sharing girl! congrats on putting your health first and being an open minded, inspirational fitness guru 🙂

  2. Sylwia says:

    It’s wonderful to see that you’ve found something that makes you happy and healthy (and encourages others to be healthy) all at the same time! I will say this, I remember seeing you running on MSU’s campus and was jealous of your ambition because I have always struggled to find the willpower to run.

    • Thanks!!! Those days at msu were the most challenging to try and run. It was the most difficult time for me physically. Plus the eating was terrible. Thanks for reading and being inspired. That is my purpose of the blog and career :-). Let me know if you have specific questions :-).

      Happy reading!

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