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What?!?!?  Yup I said it!  Pie for breakfast.  And not just a slice…the WHOLE pie!

I thought I would recap some of my breakfasts I have been preparing myself if I have the time before I get to my morning clients or workout.  If you have time in the morning, I guarantee these are worth the prep and cooking time to make them as pancakes, if not you can throw it all in a pie dish and bake it the night before.  Just take it out of the frig in the morning, add your toppings and enjoy.

The basic ingredients to them with slight variations:

either coconut flour or rolled oats


egg whites

baking powder


cacao or chocolate protein


2 protein pumpkin oat pancakes

Coconut Protein Pumpkin Breakfast Pie

Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Breakfast Pie

All of these pies are gluten free, dairy free, meat free, sugar free and low car (except the oat one will have more carbs in them).

I am a firm believer, as some of you might know, of the importance of breakfast.  It is important to fuel your body from the fast it has been under while sleeping, but more importantly it is important to fuel your body with healthy whole foods!  Food is your bodies medicine.  Give your body the proper nutrients and it will pay you back by giving you great energy and fuel to tackle your day.  I feast in my breakfast in order to fuel myself for the day ahead.  The other food I consume during the day is to just keep me going until bed.  Your day should not be little food in the morning with a huge dinner at night.

Why is it necessary to eat a lot at night?

-Either you didn’t fuel it properly during the day and now your body needs fuel to store since it thinks it will be starved again tomorrow


-you are eating out of gluttony

There really are no other reasons so stop eating so much for dinner!

Fuel properly right away and make sure you eat less and less as the day comes to a close!


Thats right PB2. This post will be dedicated to a few things I like to eat with PB2. Incase you aren’t familiar with PB2 it is basically the same thing as peanut butter but less calories and fat but not processed like better n butter. That still still kind of gives me the creeps to this day.

What is amazing about PB2 is that you can add it to anything. It comes in a powder so it mixes easily into anything you want. Of course you can add simply just water to it to make some peanut butter yumminess. Which leads me to my first picture.

If you are like me and can’t really choke down celery unless it is paying tribute to when you were a child.

Ants on a Log

I just can’t choke the celery down any other way.  Honestly it is a texture thing.  I am not usually picky with textures but the stringiness of the celery gets to me.  I also have this problem with triscuits.  Does anyone else feel the same way?  I don’t like the strings and the thought of them getting caught in my teeth would be a nightmare.  The peanut butter adds as a buffer/lubricant for NO STRINGS in this girl’s teeth!

So here you go, an even lower calorie ants on a log.  Celery with PB2!

Locally if anyone is interested, I actually found some for sale at rainbow acres in venice for the same price as they sell it on amazon for.

PB2 is definitely the most amazing in a smoothie.  Earlier this week it was national peanut butter and jelly day so I celebrated with a peanut butter and jelly smoothie.  Not the typical PB&J sammie but oh so delicious.

If you are like me I used to love PB&J as a kid.  Who am I kidding, it was still a staple for me in college.  Lots of creamy peanut butter, thick layer of jelly on some nice white wonder bread. Not to mention I would add fritos on it as well for a nice salty crunch (yea that was the fat kid thinking).  It was always better when mom made it 🙂 everything is though, right?

So here is a healthy, high protein, no starchy carb from the bread alternative.

PB2 & J Smoothie

1 cup frozen spinach

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/2 cup fresh frozen strawberries


1/2 cup Low fat cottage cheese

1 scoop unflavored plant fusion protein powder

pinch xanthum gum

pinch guar gum

handful ice cubes

throw everything in ninja blender and blend for a few minutes

This will create a HUGE cup of smoothie greatness.  For the average person is this two servings but I eat it all to myself!

Another huge staple in my life is making chocolate ‘pudding’ for desert before bed.  Now I do need to warn you that I am not telling you to do this because it has raw egg in it.  I am merely sharing with you what I eat.  I do feel that if you buy a quality pasteurized egg that there is no worries of getting sick from it.

Chocolate Protein ‘Pudding’ with a new PB2 twist

1/2 cup eggology egg whites

1 scoop dutch chocolate plant fusion protein

splash of unsweetened coconut milk to keep things moving along


pinch stevia

stir until you get the right consistency.  If you like it thicker omit the milk, if you like the runny add more milk


I hope you enjoy some of my PB2 treats!


What do you like to do with PB2 or what would you do with PB2?

Ugh…both in taste and attitude.  My attempt at making some protein pumpkin mini pies was a total disaster.

Typically in my kitchen I get inspired by recipes on see online by fellow bloggers, pinterest, television, etc and then I try to recreate them with my own twist.  Typically adding in some more nutrients to make them even that much better on the nutrition scale.  This time, it was a total flop.

I decided that these Protein Pumpkin Crustless Pies looked like a wonderful idea to whip up quickly with a can of pumpkin I picked up from the store.  I have been having an itch to make something with pumpkin and thought it would be perfect.  Not having ALL of the exact ingredients I thought I had some pretty good substitutions and wanted to give it a try.  Horrible idea.  The toffee whey protein listed in the recipe might just be the nice addition her original recipe included.  I used a little bit of chocolate protein (I know not the best choice but I have been out of vanilla and unflavored-they are on their way).  I also used my lactose free cottage cheese instead of quack-which was already listed as a great alternative.  I think where I went super wrong is that I decided to add in some frozen spinach to add some greens to the meal without the flavor.  I never taste the spinach in my smoothies and thought I could do the trick here too.

My pies were not a complete disaster I admit.  They were more savory than I was looking for them to be.  I wanted them to be a sweeter food I could enjoy for breakfast.  When I eat these I think of more a side dish with dinner.  I have had a few of them but I am seriously considering just throwing them out.  Ah I hate more than anything to throw away food.

Maybe the dog would like them.  Pumpkin is good for them and made with clean ingredients.  I just don’t want him to really eat people food, well more importantly not beg.

Anyway my attempt and disaster at the pies turned into a wonderful breakfast this morning.  I used the leftover pumpkin to make myself a wonderful breakfast in bed on the pouring rain morning we had today.

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

-1/4 organic pumpkin puree

-1/2 cup gluten free oats

-2 TBS chia seeds

-2 egg whites

-pinch trader joes pumpkin pie spice

-1/2 scoop chocolate whey protein (MRM)

The night before put half of the oats, pumpkin and chia seeds in a bowl to soak overnight.  The night morning add the rest of the oats, egg whites and spice.  Pour a quarter of the batter into a frying pan with coconut oil.  I made my first pancake with no protein.  Then I decided to add in the protein.  The batter made 4 pancakes total.

I topped my pancakes with half of a banana sliced up, some agave drizzled on top and some cinnamon sprinkled on top!

Breakfast in bed with a side of coffee and some coupons to look through, oh and the peaceful rain…ahhhh was heaven!

Oh yea I added a little bit of cacao on top the last minute 🙂

I always find myself wanting to buy bananas.  When I am not at the store and even when I am at the store I have bananas on my mind.  Maybe because I am just straight up bananas…

I always run into the issue of when I do buy bananas that I buy to many and they go ripe before I wanting to consume then.  When this time comes, the power of the freezer comes in handy.  Those bananas go straight into the freezer unpeeled and freeze to death until they are engulfed by the blades of my ninja blender chopping up a smoothie.

Of course though when it comes time to having the time and cravings to make banana bread no ripe bananas are to be found in my kitchen.

I decide to head to whole foods and ask if they have any really ripe bananas in the back, they want to give me.  Credit to whole foods they say they do a pretty good job and cycling through the bananas at a good rate to not keep ripe ones around.  After chatting up the produce guy he suggests me just baking the bananas in the oven before hand to soften them up.  Kudos to you whole foods produce man, you have just saved the day!  Note: keep the banana in the peel when doing so, I asked this question and I am glad I did because I would have taken them out of their peel and thrown them in.  I found they soften up well enough at 350 degree for 15 minutes.

After looking at a couple sources and getting inspiration for banana bread, I decided to take a few ideas from a couple recipes and add in my own twist as well.  After reading Peanut Butter Fingers post on making bread with chickpeas I just had to do it as well.

I decided on Vegan Protein Banana Bread.  No flour. No egg. No dairy. No sugar. No Gluten.  Protein Packed Banana Bread that is.  I always want to make sure what I am eating has a protein punch and this bread has just that, thanks to my lovely touch on it!

The inspiration to baking also came from a recent present my step-mother gave me as an early birthday present!

The baby needed to get into action.  Mixing Vegan Protein Banana Bread was her first mission.

Vegan Protein Banana Bread

1 can garbanzo beans (I used this as a replacement for flour)

1/3 cup coconut oil

1 tsp vanilla stevia

3/4 cup unsweetened coconut milk

1/4 cup almond meal (I used this instead of flaxseeds)

4 ripe bananas

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 TBS fresh lime juice

1 tsp baking sode

1 tsp salt

1 pouch vega vanilla chia protein powder (I added this in to give the bread a protein punch.  I would have liked to only use vanilla protein but I used what my resources gave me at the time)

Mix wet ingredients together in mixer

Mix dry ingredients together in separate bowl by hand

Fold dry ingredients into wet ingredients.

I found that I had to add a little more coconut milk to get things moving but that is because of my additional protein powder to the party.

Bake at 350 degrees for 75 minutes in a greased loaf tin.

Yes my bread looks more like a biscotti (minus the hard crunch texture).  Lets just say I did not bake it for as long as it needed.  I think Banana bread tastes better with that extra gooeyness of the banana just melting in your mouth.  If you want an actual bread look and texture check your bread after 75 minutes and then gauge how long to keep baking for 🙂

Wow, lately I just feel as though I want to eat ALL day long.  Is it because I am around the house more since I have a puppy to take care of and the frig is right there, or is it legitimately hunger attacks!?!?  I feel as though it is a little of both :-/  Mental note: keep away from the frig since you are forced to be home more now than you are used to!  The problem though that I am just not in a snacky mood, I am in a sweets mood!  hmmm…

Well since I am experiences these food craziness I thought I would share with you some ‘sweets’ that I have been digging into.  You know me I have to make it healthy so here are some healthy twists on some not so healthy snacks/sweets.

1.  Chocolate but DARK DARK DARK.  I specifically enjoy raw gnosis chocolates!

2. Raw Almond Butter!  Now I know these can be pricey but honestly the taste is soooo worth it.  I eat it by the spoonfuls!

3.  ‘Healthy Rootbeet Float’

I made a batch of Hungry Girls No Nonesense Eggnog using Coconut Milk.  Pouring a ratio of 1:1 I combined it with Diet A&W Rootbeer…yummo!

4. Ice Cream- Arctic Zero …Never lasts more than a day in my freezer because I eat it by the pint!  I have had some days where I have devoured two in one day…oops 🙂

My two favorite flavors are Vanilla Maple and Cookies and Cream.  Mint Chocolate Cookie comes in a short third place and when the season comes around I enjoy Pumpkin Spice.  Let me say that it was very hard to find this past season.  I only saw it once and snagged the last once in the grocery store freezer.

5. Chocolate Protein Pudding!  Now I do need to put a disclaimer on this one.  I don’t eat dairy except eggs if you count that…(I don’t but most do).  I mix raw egg whites with a serving of vegan and gluten free chocolate protein and a pinch of cinnamon to create my protein pudding.  It comes out in a nice pudding consistency and is heathily delicious (minus the whole eating raw egg aspect-I risk it but I’m not telling you to.  Mixing it with plain nonfat greek yogurt is a great way to make chocolate protein pudding too)

And yes I did consume all of these things today!  I told you it was a bad day!?!

What are some of your go to snacks when the craving hits hard?

Are you a salty snacker or a sweet snacker?

Christmas Baking

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Baking

Over the holidays while I was home visiting my family in Michigan I was able to do a little baking.  Just a little though.  As soon as Christmas hit all baking was out the window due to the arrival of this guy…

Before the wonderful addition into my life I was able to throw together some EZ Peppermint Bark.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE peppermint…can I say that enough?  Peppermint and Chocolate together!?!  YES PLEASE!  And the best part is, it is supa simple.

When it comes to baking with simple ingredients that are mostly all of the flavor in the goody it is important to splurge some extra money to buy the good stuff.  While we were shopping for the chocolate my mom even asked me why we had to spend the money on the Ghirardelli baking chocolate when some of the other brands were so much cheaper.  Trust me, it is worth it!

For my EZ Peppermint Chocolate you will need 3 simple ingredients: chocolate, coconut oil, peppermint

1 bar 100% cacao baking bar

1 bar 60% cacao backing bar

2 bars white chocolate baking bar

1tsp coconut oil

6 chocolate peppermint candy canes

I chose to melt 100% and 60% cacao together for a healthier alternative.  The purity of the 100% cacao makes this a recipe contain less sugar but also adds more bitterness.  Mixing the two creates a nice balance.  Plus don’t worry you get enough sweetness from the white chocolate and candy canes!

Microwave the dark chocolate bars together in a microwave until melted (I did 30 second intervals 3 times).  Once melted add in 1/2 tsp coconut oil.  Place aluminum foil on a pain, pour chocolate and place in frig for one hour.

After the hour is up do the same thing with the white chocolate.  Since the white chocolate is hot after melting, pouring it directly on the dark chocolate could essentially melt the dark chocolate again.

To avoid this use this time to crush the candy canes.  I placed mine in a ziplock bag and waked the heck out of it. Thats the fun part.  After the wake attack the white chocolate can be poured over the dark and then dusted with the candy cane pieces/dust!

My mom had the joy of brining this to one of her holiday parties and it was a huge hit.

For me I am pickier in my sugar intake and wanted to reduce it even more.  For my batch, I just did one bar of 100% cacao.  After it was melted I added in some creamy almond butter to cut down on the bitterness!  It was delish.  A great snack full of antioxidants.  OO as well as the wonderful peppermint which can be very good for a healthy stomach!

When I bake I am always keeping my mother and her waistline in mind.  I know she loves to enjoy her food but also likes to keep her waistline in check.  The most difficult part though is getting her to TRY new things.  Getting the idea from Hungry Girl on the food network, I decided to whip up some of her no nonsense eggnog but with the talentz twist!  This is a tradition that is always around the house for christmas and I have always loved it…pure nice and thick eggnog.  This is the smaller waist line, just as thick and tasty eggnog!

Serves 4

In a blender add:

1 carton no sugar added original coconut milk

1 packet sugar free fat free vanilla pudding mix

1 tsp rum extract

and as much nutmeg as your little heart desires (my mother is a huge fan)

Blend on high for 1 min

Place in frig for a few hours to thicken up!

Pour 1 serving in a glass and garnish with more nutmeg 🙂 sip and enjoy!

Saving calories but not taste!