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It is my birthday!  Best day of the year, when I can say its my day!!!!  My mom told me a fun fact about today…today is Thursday and I was born on a thursday so I think that makes this day extra special 🙂

I feel really good about my birthday this year.  First of all, I’m weird and I like the fact that it is a even age for me.  I don’t really have any back up for feeling that way, I just do…deal!!!! ha

Anyway since my birthday is on a thursday nothing too exciting will be happening…I do have to work and all so I’m going to spread out my birthday celebrating into the weekend as well, like friday, saturday and sunday kind of spread ha

What I think is great to share today on my birthday is the foodie pen pal exchange that I started participating in last month.  Reading through my morning ‘newspaper’/blogs, I stumbled across a new to me foodie pen pal exchange.  For more information on the details and how you can join up in it too, check out this link.

Foodie Pen Pal

I think it is an awesome idea!  I jumped at the chance to be a part of it.  I had a wonderful time shopping for the person I was paired with.  They actually ate like me so it was fun to share with them the gems I have found in this city as foods I enjoy and think they are exclusive to my city.

Here is the wonderful e-mail I received from my pen pal in response to the box I sent her.

“Everything was absolutely delicious. Your homemade cocoroons were so light and melty and yummy. I just purchased my own dehydrator, so I’m looking forward to making my own macaroons! All of the other foods were delightful as well – the suncake, chocolate kale chips, and flax crackers (both of which I’ll be trying with my dehydrator). The only thing that didn’t make it in the mail was the Purity Bread: it was covered in mold.  😦 But thank you for alerting me to Julian Bakery! I plan on ordering a loaf of Purity Bread on my own in the near future, because it smelled really good and the ingredients looked great too.
So, anyways, thank you for the thoughtful and tasty package! Whomever receives a box from you in future Foodie PenPal months sure is lucky :)” Emily Polster

***Definitely learned about what products may or may not make it depending on how it is packaged.  Sorry again about the bread.  I offered to send her another the proper way, but she was a sweetheart and understood the trial and error and loved the fact that I introduced her to the company, which is what this is all about anyway.

Enough about that and on to the wonderful package I got from my pen pal!!!!

This is the box of goodies I got!  I love that there were products I know and love (can’t ever have to many mary’s gone crackers!).  It was wonderful to see the cornbread mix.  Not that cornbread mix is exciting, but it meets the gluten free dietary restrictions I follow and have always eyed the product to buy but never looked at it and said yes I’m going to get you and eat you.  I’m glad it was given to me because deep down there has been the urge so now I can make the urge come true 🙂  The Good Natural Bar was a new product to me and the statistics looks awesome.  Plus I’m a sucker for peanut butter.  I really enjoyed the bar, it wasn’t chalky like some food bars with low sugar can be.  The quinoa was wonderful as well, I added some edamame for a protein touch!  The candied ginger I have not tried yet.  Honestly, I’ve never had it but I read a lot of bloggers who enjoy it.  I look forward to the special moment when I open the box and try my first piece!  Thank you Beth for your wonderful box you sent me!!!  I appreciate the time and care you took paying attention to my picky diet 🙂

Here is a peak at my Birthday Breakfast I made for myself 🙂  Super Yummy and Protein Packed!

Happy Birthday to me and all of the other May babies as well as gemini’s (you guys count too)!!!!!!!


I love a good shot in the morning.  Yes nothing feels better than waking up and kicking back a shot.  Yup thats the way I start my morning…don’t you?

Ha gotcha.  Yes my shot is of apple cider vinegar.  It is a little bit of a bite so be warned your first shot of it.  Aren’t all shots a little difficult to kick back though.  I will choke this one down over the others any day!  If you still can’t seem to get over the taste then you are in luck because I have a few alternative ways to get in your morning shot!
In the mean time please check out the benefits of ACV here : Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits
My recipes are inspired by Bragg’s own bottled versions.  Lets not say inspired…heck they are pretty much the same ingredients but my ratios.
If you don’t want to make it on your own there are bottled versions of my two personal favorites: Ginger Spice
and Limeade.  There is also a grape one and Honey one but those do not come in at zero calories.
Here is what I like to do:
No choking ACV morning shot
1.5 oz ACV
8oz water (I prefer alkaline)
1tsp stevia
Metabolize Upper ACV
1.5 oz ACV
8oz water (I prefer alkaline)
1tsp stevia
plus 2 tsp cayenne pepper or however much your mouth can handle
Blood Sugar Control ACV
1.5 oz ACV
8oz water (I prefer alkaline)
1tsp stevia
2tsp cinnamon
Omega ACV
1.5 oz ACV
8oz water (I prefer alkaline)
1tsp stevia
1 scoop chia seeds
(allow drink to sit 30min before consumption so that chia seeds can soak up the water and gel up)
Its a fun texture to drink 🙂
Spicy Omega ACV
1.5 oz ACV
8oz water (I prefer alkaline)
1tsp stevia
1 scoop chia seeds 
(allow drink to sit 30min before consumption so that chia seeds can soak up the water and gel up)
Its a fun texture to drink 🙂
plus 2tsp cayenne
Lemonade ACV
1.5 oz ACV
8oz water (I prefer alkaline)
1tsp stevia
.5oz fresh lemon juice
As you can see there are many variations!
This last one I am going to share with you is like a nice cold drink on a hot summers day or key lime pie in a glass…you decide
Key Lime Pie ACV
1.5 oz ACV
8oz water (I prefer alkaline)
1tsp stevia
1 oz fresh lime juice
 What is your favorite way to have ACV?

This is a toast to marketers!  I give you lots of credit for your work!  You convince the people all around to believe in what you want them to believe.  I know I have been a victim of marketing but ever since I have taken the time to educate myself about a healthy lifestyle including healthy food choices I pride myself in not falling into this marketing trap.  Once of my clients got the chance to go to the natural foods convention and took home LOTS and LOTS of free products.  During one of our training sessions he brought me one of the products to try because he said the stuff was EVERYWHERE.  Due to the marketing of the product the product does in fact seem like a good product.  However if you really look at the product it is nothing the BIG BOLD words on the label has to say.

Well Chia Water.  I believe you have made lots of a people a victim to your liquid so now I am making you a victim of this blog.

Here is the marketers wonderful job on the product

We have learned 5 things!  This product has:

Omega 3




and more Fiber

Here is the nutrition facts listing what the product actually has:  remember there should be lots of fiber, omega 3, calcium and antioxidants…lets see if the marketing matches the nutrition facts…

Omega 3: by definition is a fat…there is 0g of fat listed in the nutrition label.  No fat to me equals no Omega.

Fiber 1g:  For me if I am looking for a product to provide me with fiber (remember they also listed it atleast 3 times-then I want LOTS of fiber)…1g of fiber doesn’t cut it to me.

Calcium: 10mg…really???? 1% COME ON!  Give me some calcium.  Especially those drinking this product that aren’t drinking calcium dense dairy products.


If you still don’t believe me, then here are the ingrients…

Hmm thats funny, the second ingredient listed after water is SUGAR!!!!!!

Please feel free to form your own opinion about this product.  I think you know mine by now.  I would love to hear what you have to say about this product and any other products you feel like you have been a victim of marketing!

How dare you starbucks!!!  How dare you take away from me the best thing you have done to my life thus far.  Don’t make your sugar free peppermint syrup only seasonal!!!!!!

It wasn’t until half way through the christmas season that I even found out that Starbucks had Sugar free Peppermint syrup.  Typically I am not a sugar free syrup kind of gal or any syrup for that matter.  Sugar and Fake Sugar are my enemy.  Also I am not really a starbucks fan.  A trenta?  Are you trying to kill the human population from caffeine overdoses.  I already rock the venti no need for an additional temptation.

Peets, yes please!

However, I will buckle at the knees for peppermint…sorry for the minor cheat, Peets, but peppermint makes my world go round.

Ah short lived though, I guess it is good that everything should be kept in moderation.  To my dismay Starbucks are no longer stocking their stores with sugarfree peppermint syrup and whatever is left is just want they overstocked.  Peets close your ears…”Please, please, please starbucks bring back sugarfree peppermint for the next holiday season!”  Trader Joe’s already disappointed me this year from not stocking their peppermint coffee.

Where O where art thou Peppermint Coffee!?!?!?!

If anyone else can suggest peppermint coffee and where I can buy it I will forever owe my life to them!?!

Anyway I should plug in some sort of educational piece of literature instead of my whining rant.

Remember how I said Sugar and Chemical Sugar and I are not friends.  Well this is my go to for sweeteners.  Good ol’ stevia!  I have tried many different brands but I am stuck on the taste of this one.

Kal Pure Stevia!

A little goes a long way!  Get rid of the Chemical and GO RAW!!!!!  Do your body good and add a little good sweetness into your life!

Hey All!


I just completed my About Page.  Until I figure out this layout and see where there is a short cut to read about my life summary through healthy and fitness I encourage you to just type in ‘about’ in the search box and it will take you straight to the blog!

Hello and thank you for joining me in the year 2012!  I just moved to wordpress from blogger and looking forward to starting off on a new journey this year with you all.

For my first post it is going to be short and sweet.

My New Year Resolutions!

1. Blog at least three times a week!

2. Keep in touch with important people from my past that I want to keep in my future.  Even though they are far away, I want to stay in constant close contact with each and every one of them!

3. Instead of sticking to really strict rules on what to eat and what not to eat.  I am ready to use this year as the year that I am going to be completely comfortable with food and eat what I feel my body is craving.  Whether it be meat here and there or dairy here or there or a sweet.  Currently I am a gluten free vegan with a heavy influence in a raw diet.  This will still be my baseline which I think is very important but have the freedom to branch out a little.  Not because I can’t do it because you can ask anyone, I can!  I just want to make sure my body is getting all the nutrients it needs and continually keep it guessing and explore food happily!

4. Be the best mom I can be to my new puppy that I got for Christmas!  Say hello to King Romeo IV, my 10 week old french bulldog!