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Thats right PB2. This post will be dedicated to a few things I like to eat with PB2. Incase you aren’t familiar with PB2 it is basically the same thing as peanut butter but less calories and fat but not processed like better n butter. That still still kind of gives me the creeps to this day.

What is amazing about PB2 is that you can add it to anything. It comes in a powder so it mixes easily into anything you want. Of course you can add simply just water to it to make some peanut butter yumminess. Which leads me to my first picture.

If you are like me and can’t really choke down celery unless it is paying tribute to when you were a child.

Ants on a Log

I just can’t choke the celery down any other way.  Honestly it is a texture thing.  I am not usually picky with textures but the stringiness of the celery gets to me.  I also have this problem with triscuits.  Does anyone else feel the same way?  I don’t like the strings and the thought of them getting caught in my teeth would be a nightmare.  The peanut butter adds as a buffer/lubricant for NO STRINGS in this girl’s teeth!

So here you go, an even lower calorie ants on a log.  Celery with PB2!

Locally if anyone is interested, I actually found some for sale at rainbow acres in venice for the same price as they sell it on amazon for.

PB2 is definitely the most amazing in a smoothie.  Earlier this week it was national peanut butter and jelly day so I celebrated with a peanut butter and jelly smoothie.  Not the typical PB&J sammie but oh so delicious.

If you are like me I used to love PB&J as a kid.  Who am I kidding, it was still a staple for me in college.  Lots of creamy peanut butter, thick layer of jelly on some nice white wonder bread. Not to mention I would add fritos on it as well for a nice salty crunch (yea that was the fat kid thinking).  It was always better when mom made it 🙂 everything is though, right?

So here is a healthy, high protein, no starchy carb from the bread alternative.

PB2 & J Smoothie

1 cup frozen spinach

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/2 cup fresh frozen strawberries


1/2 cup Low fat cottage cheese

1 scoop unflavored plant fusion protein powder

pinch xanthum gum

pinch guar gum

handful ice cubes

throw everything in ninja blender and blend for a few minutes

This will create a HUGE cup of smoothie greatness.  For the average person is this two servings but I eat it all to myself!

Another huge staple in my life is making chocolate ‘pudding’ for desert before bed.  Now I do need to warn you that I am not telling you to do this because it has raw egg in it.  I am merely sharing with you what I eat.  I do feel that if you buy a quality pasteurized egg that there is no worries of getting sick from it.

Chocolate Protein ‘Pudding’ with a new PB2 twist

1/2 cup eggology egg whites

1 scoop dutch chocolate plant fusion protein

splash of unsweetened coconut milk to keep things moving along


pinch stevia

stir until you get the right consistency.  If you like it thicker omit the milk, if you like the runny add more milk


I hope you enjoy some of my PB2 treats!


What do you like to do with PB2 or what would you do with PB2?