Say It Anit So!!!!!!

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Healthy Tip, Uncategorized
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How dare you starbucks!!!  How dare you take away from me the best thing you have done to my life thus far.  Don’t make your sugar free peppermint syrup only seasonal!!!!!!

It wasn’t until half way through the christmas season that I even found out that Starbucks had Sugar free Peppermint syrup.  Typically I am not a sugar free syrup kind of gal or any syrup for that matter.  Sugar and Fake Sugar are my enemy.  Also I am not really a starbucks fan.  A trenta?  Are you trying to kill the human population from caffeine overdoses.  I already rock the venti no need for an additional temptation.

Peets, yes please!

However, I will buckle at the knees for peppermint…sorry for the minor cheat, Peets, but peppermint makes my world go round.

Ah short lived though, I guess it is good that everything should be kept in moderation.  To my dismay Starbucks are no longer stocking their stores with sugarfree peppermint syrup and whatever is left is just want they overstocked.  Peets close your ears…”Please, please, please starbucks bring back sugarfree peppermint for the next holiday season!”  Trader Joe’s already disappointed me this year from not stocking their peppermint coffee.

Where O where art thou Peppermint Coffee!?!?!?!

If anyone else can suggest peppermint coffee and where I can buy it I will forever owe my life to them!?!

Anyway I should plug in some sort of educational piece of literature instead of my whining rant.

Remember how I said Sugar and Chemical Sugar and I are not friends.  Well this is my go to for sweeteners.  Good ol’ stevia!  I have tried many different brands but I am stuck on the taste of this one.

Kal Pure Stevia!

A little goes a long way!  Get rid of the Chemical and GO RAW!!!!!  Do your body good and add a little good sweetness into your life!

  1. irunonpbandk says:

    SHUT UP…they got rid of sugar free peppermint?! GAHHHH!!! this is my favorite!!!! I love love love the seasonal peppermint mocha but would get it made with the sugar free stuff…this makes me so, so sad…i guess we have to wait until next christmas! 😦

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