Wow, lately I just feel as though I want to eat ALL day long.  Is it because I am around the house more since I have a puppy to take care of and the frig is right there, or is it legitimately hunger attacks!?!?  I feel as though it is a little of both :-/  Mental note: keep away from the frig since you are forced to be home more now than you are used to!  The problem though that I am just not in a snacky mood, I am in a sweets mood!  hmmm…

Well since I am experiences these food craziness I thought I would share with you some ‘sweets’ that I have been digging into.  You know me I have to make it healthy so here are some healthy twists on some not so healthy snacks/sweets.

1.  Chocolate but DARK DARK DARK.  I specifically enjoy raw gnosis chocolates!

2. Raw Almond Butter!  Now I know these can be pricey but honestly the taste is soooo worth it.  I eat it by the spoonfuls!

3.  ‘Healthy Rootbeet Float’

I made a batch of Hungry Girls No Nonesense Eggnog using Coconut Milk.  Pouring a ratio of 1:1 I combined it with Diet A&W Rootbeer…yummo!

4. Ice Cream- Arctic Zero …Never lasts more than a day in my freezer because I eat it by the pint!  I have had some days where I have devoured two in one day…oops 🙂

My two favorite flavors are Vanilla Maple and Cookies and Cream.  Mint Chocolate Cookie comes in a short third place and when the season comes around I enjoy Pumpkin Spice.  Let me say that it was very hard to find this past season.  I only saw it once and snagged the last once in the grocery store freezer.

5. Chocolate Protein Pudding!  Now I do need to put a disclaimer on this one.  I don’t eat dairy except eggs if you count that…(I don’t but most do).  I mix raw egg whites with a serving of vegan and gluten free chocolate protein and a pinch of cinnamon to create my protein pudding.  It comes out in a nice pudding consistency and is heathily delicious (minus the whole eating raw egg aspect-I risk it but I’m not telling you to.  Mixing it with plain nonfat greek yogurt is a great way to make chocolate protein pudding too)

And yes I did consume all of these things today!  I told you it was a bad day!?!

What are some of your go to snacks when the craving hits hard?

Are you a salty snacker or a sweet snacker?


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