Cable Plank Triceps Extension

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Workout
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Each week I will be showcasing at least one exercise that I do with my clients.  I will make sure to add which type of level the exercise falls under and the equipment needed, etc.

Burn and Transform!

This workout move is legit!  I warn those that are new to weight training to not try this exercise yet.  It is for advanced clients only!

With a cable machine you need to position the cable at the bottom of the pole.  You just need one simple handle with a grip and you are ready to go.  In a plank position (on your hands and toes) position yourself with your head near the base of the pole.  With one hand stabilizing yourself on the ground and your two feet behind you shoulder distance apart, this will be your solid base.  With the other hand grab the cable.  Make sure your elbow is glued to your side (the elbow never moves while performing the exercise).  With one fluid motion pull the cable back to your hip.  Make sure your wrist stays strong and straight, as well as your hips staying parallel to the ground.  Your body is going to want to tip to the side to help pull the weight.  This is not ideal.  Use your core and keep your hips still.  Perform the exercise 15 times with one hand before switching to the other.  For my female clients I have them perform this exercise with 20lbs for the stronger men I have them do it up to 40lbs.  Immediately after the second hand is done, stay in your plank position and bust out 15 push ups for the extra burn!  My client really loved that this morning 🙂  A great exercise to superset this with is another triceps exercise on the cable machine to really get the triceps burning!




A special thanks to my client for being a great model!


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