Christmas Baking

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Baking

Over the holidays while I was home visiting my family in Michigan I was able to do a little baking.  Just a little though.  As soon as Christmas hit all baking was out the window due to the arrival of this guy…

Before the wonderful addition into my life I was able to throw together some EZ Peppermint Bark.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE peppermint…can I say that enough?  Peppermint and Chocolate together!?!  YES PLEASE!  And the best part is, it is supa simple.

When it comes to baking with simple ingredients that are mostly all of the flavor in the goody it is important to splurge some extra money to buy the good stuff.  While we were shopping for the chocolate my mom even asked me why we had to spend the money on the Ghirardelli baking chocolate when some of the other brands were so much cheaper.  Trust me, it is worth it!

For my EZ Peppermint Chocolate you will need 3 simple ingredients: chocolate, coconut oil, peppermint

1 bar 100% cacao baking bar

1 bar 60% cacao backing bar

2 bars white chocolate baking bar

1tsp coconut oil

6 chocolate peppermint candy canes

I chose to melt 100% and 60% cacao together for a healthier alternative.  The purity of the 100% cacao makes this a recipe contain less sugar but also adds more bitterness.  Mixing the two creates a nice balance.  Plus don’t worry you get enough sweetness from the white chocolate and candy canes!

Microwave the dark chocolate bars together in a microwave until melted (I did 30 second intervals 3 times).  Once melted add in 1/2 tsp coconut oil.  Place aluminum foil on a pain, pour chocolate and place in frig for one hour.

After the hour is up do the same thing with the white chocolate.  Since the white chocolate is hot after melting, pouring it directly on the dark chocolate could essentially melt the dark chocolate again.

To avoid this use this time to crush the candy canes.  I placed mine in a ziplock bag and waked the heck out of it. Thats the fun part.  After the wake attack the white chocolate can be poured over the dark and then dusted with the candy cane pieces/dust!

My mom had the joy of brining this to one of her holiday parties and it was a huge hit.

For me I am pickier in my sugar intake and wanted to reduce it even more.  For my batch, I just did one bar of 100% cacao.  After it was melted I added in some creamy almond butter to cut down on the bitterness!  It was delish.  A great snack full of antioxidants.  OO as well as the wonderful peppermint which can be very good for a healthy stomach!

When I bake I am always keeping my mother and her waistline in mind.  I know she loves to enjoy her food but also likes to keep her waistline in check.  The most difficult part though is getting her to TRY new things.  Getting the idea from Hungry Girl on the food network, I decided to whip up some of her no nonsense eggnog but with the talentz twist!  This is a tradition that is always around the house for christmas and I have always loved it…pure nice and thick eggnog.  This is the smaller waist line, just as thick and tasty eggnog!

Serves 4

In a blender add:

1 carton no sugar added original coconut milk

1 packet sugar free fat free vanilla pudding mix

1 tsp rum extract

and as much nutmeg as your little heart desires (my mother is a huge fan)

Blend on high for 1 min

Place in frig for a few hours to thicken up!

Pour 1 serving in a glass and garnish with more nutmeg 🙂 sip and enjoy!

Saving calories but not taste!


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